Introduction To Project Management

Project Intiation and Project Manager.

When handed a new project to manage the temptation is for the Project Manager to dive straight into the project and produce some tangible results. Even at this early stage the pressure may be on to deliver something, probably the project plan to confirm (imposed) timescales and costs. However, even before the planning stage, it is essential that the Project Manager stands back and takes a broad view of the project. This is to ensure they feel comfortable with the manner in which the project was established and the approach to be taken. 

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Planning, Control  and Project Manager. 

The Project Manager's role is not to produce detailed Project plans, but to rely on subordinates, typically Project leaders, to carry out the detail work. However, as soon as any plans are accepted and put forward by the Project Manager, they in fact become the Project Manager's plans, and he/she has to live with the consequences. There is therefore a strong desire on the part of the Project Manager to ensure that any plans produced within their area of control are of the highest quality.

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Negotiation  and Project Manager. 

Project Managers should be used to negotiating. In a normal project environment it is happening all the time, with team members, users, bosses, specialist groups, resource managers, suppliers, contractors, and so on. This handout examines ways of improving the Project Manager's results from negotiation by suggesting a structured approach to adopt. This can be particularly useful when, as many Project Managers do, dealing with Matrix Management organizational structures.

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