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MindSource Consulting deploys innovative yet traditional web technology to formulate a complete business software solution that companies trail to perk up their current performance. The software solutions that we provide are company specific such as distribution, construction, retail, manufacturing, services, hospitality and education, this helps in increasing efficiency, boosting performance and providing competitive benefits.

Our solutions portfolio is crafted with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint .NET framework, Microsoft .NET ERP, employee solutions, reporting solutions, consumer solutions and mobile solutions, few examples of the solutions provided by us are:-

  • Microsoft SharePoint Business Solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint Franchise & Collaboration
  • Microsoft SharePoint University Event Management
  • Microsoft SharePoint HR Resume Employment Management
  • Microsoft .NET Customers Comment Card HQ application
  • Microsoft VB .NET Enterprise Logistics Planning
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contract Management Vertical Solution
  • BI Integration with ORACLE Student Banner and Reporting
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Management
  • Project & HR Management

Our technical business understanding and deploying of solutions is only cause of the strong ERP understanding which our team possesses. Thereby we are able to focus on optimum production, precise planning and creating an executive report of the firm as a unified nit. One of the sections where our solutions are deployed are:-

content management

Intranet & Content Management

We are completely engrossed with the SharePoint technology. Incorporating your intranet with current business atmospheres is vital for operational success. MindSource Consulting offers incorporated amalgamation of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office and some more additional tools. 

Our experts always strive hard to push the limits of our dynamic business solutions by making efficient use of Microsoft SharePoint technology to generate fast, modular, secure and easy to use solutions. We are here just to serve you & support you for all your Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics related needs. Our solutions and service offerings have been developed with years of experience and has enhanced owing to a number of successful SharePoint and CRM project assignments.

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