Consumer Application

MindSourceConsultingConsumerApplications340x550We are a provider of consumer solutions which are intended to simply the routine lives of consumers. The consumer solutions we provide makes day to day experiences more gratifying and pleasure some. These solutions are designed to improve the lives of our consumers by reducing their daily life issues and enhancing the joy of other necessities.





mobile ecommerce

Mobile Commerce

Mobile consumer app is an effective tool to streamline business processes and it also provides an extra edged benefit in the market. This tool helps in adding a new value to your business and also assists in making better customer relations. We are here to serve you with back-to-back solutions and extensive support for mobile commerce. Owing to the increasing use of mobile phones and mobile commerce solution have opened new avenues for better sales, a reduction expense and improves customer fidelity.

mobile banking1

Mobile Banking

The usage of mobile phones has brought about significant changes in the basic role of banking. Owing to our deep understanding about the banking functionality that we have designed an innovative mobile banking app that makes banking more convenient with advanced banking capabilities.


Mobile Marketing

The use of mobility solutions has been increased considerably these days. Companies are using such tools for targeting customers and stakeholders. The mobile marketing app developed by MindSource Consulting helps you to manage several marketing campaigns that are arranged on single stage. The usage of this app is extremely simple as well as smooth; it also gives assists in effective and fruitful campaigning.

MindSourceConsultingmobiles digitalpublishing

Mobile Digital Publishing

Each piece of information is vital, but it loses its essence if it does not get proper publishing and apt channelizing. With a wide number of people, preferring to read content over their mobile, publishers are heading towards digital publications. This advancement in technology has assisted small as well as large corporate to sustain in media world without pinching their budgets a lot, this tool also assist businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their own product over the competitor's product.


Mobility in Healthcare

Assisting the health care professionals we developed an app that helps you in providing proper clinical workflow and timely replies to patients.