Employee Solution

MindSourceConsultingemployeesolutions340x550Running a large or small business unit is not at all an easy task with so many things moving all around you. Your loyalty to the particulars of your business is what helps profitability from being leaked from the cash flow. The employee solutions developed by our professional team, by working with you sidewise reflects your individual dedication and commitment to success. Our specified consultants classify your requirements and get to know you & the business closely, providing a tactic that supports your values and putting an establishment for progress.


Travel & Expense Reporting Solution  With the help of this comprehensive solution, it becomes easy for employees and employers to check, evaluate, decide travel related plans, approve and track records properly; travel receipts, travel expense reports and much more.

Authorization Application Solution  In the current scenario, security is the major issue that each organization is facing, to cater this issue we have developed authorization app that will help you authorize your incoming employees and thereby reducing the risk of trespassers.

Human Resource Solution  This is an important app which helps you to streamline the administrative work, thereby reducing time consumption and enhancing work performance. With this app you retain a health, committed, engaged work force that provides error free, accurate administrative functions and increased productivity per employee.

Workflow Solution   To enhance your ROI it is extremely important to align the resources of the organizations systematically. To attain all the business goals in an effective way Workflow app is the only solution. This helps to certify that critical measures, followed and completed as per client business requirements.

Customer Contact Database Solution  The customer contact database has proved to be an essential record for any enterprise. Hence, we have developed an app that records and tracks interactions done with the customers & clients and the list adds up emails, project related docs, calendars.

Forms & Reference Application Solution  With this app user can without any difficulty input the collected data, generates reports for evaluation, manage accounts. This app helps you to convert your mobile efficiency into business productivity.

At MindSource Consulting we provide flexible, employee focused services; we deliver a wide array of amenities aimed at supporting the integration, management and administration of corporate structures.