Open Source Developement

MindSourcConsultingopensource550x340Choose MindSource Consulting for the affordable, license free, agile & rich in features OSS (Open Source Software) development. Open Source software development has many benefits, it also assists in improving return over investments (ROI), lessens the development span and most importantly it gives advantages that proprietary software cannot. MindSource proffers lots of unique open source solutions. May it be templating, module development, custom variations, putting into practice or optimization, MindSource Consulting makes certain that Open Source solution provides desired result to you.


By making use of open source application you open doors to avail a numbers of benefits in comparison to closed source proprietary applications. Here are some of the key benefits, which you can avail by choosing open source applications

  • No license fees
  • Quick fixing and releasing of bugs, more stable and dependable application
  • Reduced cost for maintenance, because source is open, you are going to have a number of selections for your application's maintenance
  • Highly integrated, maximum of open source applications are having integrated architecture, thereby making it stress-free to uphold and upgrade
  • The range of cost savings are from 40-50%, in comparison to a product developed from scrape, depending on the difficulty of developing.

We are proficient on functioning with underneath open source applications and framework

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Mambo
  • Mod-X-CMS
  • Magneto
  • OpenCart
  • OSCommerce
  • Zen Cart